Industrial Tires

High performance industrial tires

Whether they are for forklift, skid steer, front loader, tractors or any kind of industrial vehicle, KOALA has over 3,000 different options in tires with different sizes, constructions and compounds. Plus, we can manufacture any specific tire size and compound according to your specific needs or equipment.


Discover why our tires are the most durable and resistant:


Maximum durability

We manufacture all of our tires from 100% natural rubber compounds that provide the maximum tear and abrasion resistance.


High Performance Level

We design our tires with perfect rim bonding, deeper thread and less heat buildup and rolling resistance.


Custom sizes

We can design, build and manufacture any tire size or compound to satisfy any user requirement.



We have different in stock rubber and polyurethane compounds that offer special characteristics to each of our tires.

Compounds available:

  • UNR Universal
  • UNP Universal Plus
  • NMA Non Marking
  • RFV Fiberglass Reinforced
  • RFC Copper Reinforced
  • NUT Antiskid
  • OHM Conductive
  • OIL Oil Resistant
  • PEST Standard Polyurethane
  • PPLU Plus Polyurethane
  • PHIG HighQ Polyurethane
  • PSUP SuperC Polyurethane


Tabla de medidas

We have the size you need

Currently we offer over 3,000 in stock different sizes in press-on and resilient tires.
Our tires start from 9x5x5 up to 40x20x30 in the press-on type. Our smallest resilient tire is 300x4-2.10 and the biggest 29.5x25

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