Casters and Wheels

Easily move any load with the most durable wheels and casters.

Having over 60,000 in-stock caster options, it is almost for sure that you will find any type of wheel or caster in our catalogue. But if not, KOALA® can custom manufacture it for you. Whatever the application or industry, our engineers can design and manufacture the ideal caster and wheel to comply with your specific purpose, from the smallest hand truck to the largest platform.


Discover why our casters and wheels are exactly what you are looking for:

Entrega inmediata

Immediate delivery

We have the largest warehouse and in-stock variety with over 60,000 models of casters and wheels.


Custom CAD design

We design and test any type of caster or wheel in our in house laboratory with the latest technologies


All industries

We supply casters and wheels with specific characteristics to facilitate the particular activities of most industries and commerce.


Certified quality

We verify that all our casters and wheels operate correctly and meet international quality standards.


One wheel for each type of application or use

Each one of our wheels has specific characteristics so it can be used in a wide variety of applications and industries. Please refer to our catalogue for the complete line.

Here you can find the main types of wheels:


High performance caster

The correct selection and combination of a fork and wheel make the ideal caster for the purpose, use, application or load requested. Please refer to our catalogue for the complete line.

Here you can find the most popular fork types to assemble your ideal caster:

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