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Due to the growing needs of the worldwide rubber industry, KOALA® and INNOX® have joined forces to develop laboratory testing equipment with state of the art technology, offering fast and accurate laboratory tests that improve production processes, quality management and the development of elastomeric compounds.

Our exclusive designs and technologies offer low maintenance and operating costs being totally digital and self-calibrating in each test and controlled by a computer.


In this same line, KOALA® and INNOX® have developed, under specific customer requests, laboratory testing equipment like tensilometers, dynamometers, abraders, ozone chambers and aging ovens complying with international standards and using the latest technologies available, digital signal processing and a friendly computer controlled software.

Last but not least, we are constantly converting and adapting analogic equipment with thermologgers, bulb circuits or recorders to digitally controlled computer processes, developing our own user friendly software and computer interfacing in order to obtain all the advantages of digital processing, analysis, storaging and printing.

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