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Founded in 1973 in Guadalajara, KOALA® is the leader in México in custom rubber and polyurethane products.

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We manufacture rolls, seals, wheels, casters and industrial tires with special characteristics with world class standards.

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Even after 45 years in the market, we keep growing and innovating by constantly developing custom products for the most demanding applications.


Generate innovative high value solutions in benefit of our customers, workers, shareholders and community.


Be the leader in material handling solutions, rubber and polyurethane custom products for productive processes.

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4 different facilities with over 57,600 sq-ft form KOALA. In each location we carry out different phases of our manufacturing processes until we reach the end product. We start with the design and development of the molds and dies in our own shop. Then we select the best raw materials to formulate and mix our compounds that are evaluated in our laboratory prior to starting production. Last, in our main building we have the presses, extruders, reactors, injection machines and centrifuges that manufacture and increase our custom-made products capacity day after day.


Awards KOALA®

World class custom products

Due to the dedication and innovation we put every day into our processes, we have been acknowledged at a local, national and international level. These recognitions guarantee our total quality control in our products and services.

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