KOALA® Material Handling Solutions

Day after day, in KOALA® we design and manufacture custom products made from any type of rubber, polyurethane or elastomer you can imagine, starting from products like rolls, seals and recoverings all the way to wheels, casters and industrial tires of extraordinary sizes.

KOALA® Anything is possible!

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Guaranteed quality

All of our products meet the highest quality standards established world wide.

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Innovative experience

Our manufacturing process keeps evolving after 40 years developing and adopting the latest technologies.

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Technical support

Our personnel include highly trained technicians and engineers to provide specialized support.

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Wide variety

We have over 60,000 products available in our catalogue, plus infinite manufacturing possibilities.

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Custom built

We design, develop and manufacture any product in rubber or polyurethane to the dimensions, compounds and characteristics required for each application.

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Any of our products will be ready for delivery on time within Mexico or the rest of the world.